I had a lot of fun last couple of days shooting with my friend Pier! It was part of our school project and I wish all the homework assignments could be as interesting as this one!



So this hansom guy in the photos is Piere (as I already mentioned), and my task was to style him in patterns! My inspiration was to mix urban surrounding and clothes making their patters overlap and become one. 




We went to different locations and some of the photos were taken in our school (ones with the birds) and others are from a park near by. One is actually from a children’s playground! It was fun playing around and we probably looked crazy to some joggers passing near us but you have to feel like a child from time to time 😉


Those are the photos I like the most and it was hard choosing favorites because I made like 100 of them and loved each and every single one! Hope you liked them too …

Love, I.