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I’ve been in love with movies ever since I can remember but for the past few weeks I’ve been watching a super crazy amount of them! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that all movies in Italy are synchronized and I haven’t been to the cinema since I’ve moved here. It may also have something to do with some of my school projects but I won’t bore you with that : )


The fist title I decided to share with you is a movie from a bunch that left an impression on me. It is called Who are you, Polly Maggoo? and it was made in 1966. So if you’re a fan of 60s fashion you must take a look…


It is a satire of fashion industry showing for the first time how ridiculous and empty new-found fashion obsession could be. It also shows model becoming a celebrity which started happening to real life models of this period like Twiggy.


The first scenes take you to a fashion show where designer presents him models in metal …hm… let’s say clothes. The crowds loves it calling him the architect and sculptor that reinvented women.


I won’t tell you more about it because I don’t want to spoil it by telling you everything… You’ll have to watch to see what happens with Polly, and I really recommend you to do so.

Love, I.