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…Isabela Simao, my dear friend and an amazing photographer! She comes from Brasil, is very smart, funny, talented and sarcastic from time to time which is why I love her so much! But, today I want to introduce you all to her work as a photographer! She may say she is still not one, but trust me, she is and you will see it by looking at her photos. She is a petite girl but that didn’t stop her to carry around few kilos heavy cameras when we were on holidays in Nice and I’m glad it didn’t because some of those photos took my breath away…


Let’s see what she had to tell me in a little interview we did…


How did you get interested in photography?

Hm… What can I say? When I was 8 years old my uncle gave me a Kodak camera. For me it was the best toy ever, I couldn’t do a thing without my Kodak anymore! So, since I can remember I have this feeling with photography… It was natural since my childhood…

What do you think about fashion photography today?

A shame. Once I heard from a very famous photographer something like “a photographer doesn’t have to know how to manage the lights because it’s a job for the assistants’” from that moment on I realized that some professionals are more interested in make some money instead of art. Of course some of them are doing nice things, but I think that in the past we had more creative mind than nowadays.


Do you have a favorite object/way of shooting? 

Portraits! Of course I love fashion photography, but there’s nothing more satisfying than making a picture of a common woman and make her feels as beautiful as a professional model. Everybody has a different kind of beauty and if you can make people see those beauties, you’re doing a good job.

Do you prefer to work in the studio or in the location?

Can I say that I like both? ‘Cause, seriously, sometimes is easier to work outdoor, just because you have the possibility to make the model interact with the environment, but, in the other hand, in the studio you can control better the lights and so on… I tend to like better the outdoors pictures, but when I’m working, sometimes I prefer the studio!



Best photo you made since you moved to Milan and why?

This is a common picture, I know… But there’s something in her expression that makes me like this picture better than the others… The way that the model is looking to us and smiling, but not a very convinced smile… I don’t know, I like that one.


Your favorite photographers?

Marcio Simnch so far! He has something in the way he sees the women that makes me cry! Mert and Marcus for me are also interesting…


That’s it folks. I didn’t want Isabela to talk a lot a lot because her photos do it for her. Now that you’ve got a taste of her work you can see more on her FB page and if you enjoy the rediculous side of fashion you can also take a look at her blog.


Hope you liked it! Love, I.