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It’s been a while since I talked to you about movies so I thought it’s about time to share one of my movie crushes with you. It has a beautiful animal in it, Robert Pattinson and amazing costumes – everything I like in one movie : )

It is based on a book by Sara Gruen and is called Water for elephants. Maybe you have seen it already but if now I suggest you to. It’s a beautiful, warm love story set in past time circus so you can imagine the beautiful sets and costumes created for it. The attention paid to details is fascinating and Reese Witherspoon has some amazing hairstyle and dresses that I want to steal : )


Both Reese and Robert are very talented actors but my favorite character in the movie was the elephant Rosie. It is interesting how elephants that are so big are very gentile and caring animals. The movie will make you smile and cry and it will leave you breathless.

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If I haven’t convinced you hope this pictures did because it’s a movie worth seeing. It’s a nice movie to see with your date or boyfriend because it’s a love story or watch it with your girl friends, you can cry together, comment on Robert and admire costumes that Reese is wearing. Anyway, enjoy it!

Love, I.